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    International logistics platform

    Management Workshop “Persona Creation and Customer Journey Mapping”


Workshop Facilitation for international Management

In 2017, I supported one of DHL’s globally operating teams during their development of a new global logistics service for business clients. I prepared and facilitated an in-house Workshop “Persona Creation and Customer Journey Mapping”.

Our design challenge in one sentence: “How can we help business clients to request and monitor global freight services in an easier way?


Empowering the team to ideate a customer-centered logistics service

As part of an English-language in-house workshop, we worked together to develop proto-personas and a proto-customer journey based on internal data and initial qualitative research.

The team developed own drafts of personas and journeys and discovered how to identify potential pain points of their designs as well as blind spots and untapped potentials of current product ideas.

In a follow-up presentation, I put together an overview of the workshop topics and results as well as further recommendations of UX methods to support the development of a customer-centred logistics service.

  • Conducting qualitative Research

    Workshop Preparation

    I conducted in-depth interviews with potential clients of the service of international companies who operate in relevant target markets.

    Workshop Preparation
  • Preparing Material for Participants

    Workshop Preparation

    I compiled these insights to gain structured data to use for the participants on the workshop day. Thus, we could combine available market data and statistics with data from my qualitative research during the workshop to base proto-personas and the proto-customer journey on first research.

    Workshop Preparation
  • Transforming data into design

    Workshop Facilitation

    In several sessions of theoretical input and practical exercises, the team transformed all collected data and knowledge into first drafts of customer personas and journeys

    Workshop Facilitation
  • Documentation and further information

    Workshop Follow-up

    In a follow-up presentation, the participants received all workshop materials and a documentation of their process and results. I included recommendations of UX methods to support the further development of a customer-centred logistics service.

    Workshop Follow-up