• Qualitative Research


    Planning, Facilitation and Reporting of Customer Experience Research for Commercial Services


ImmobilienScout24 is the leading real estate portal on the German-speaking market and strives to constantly evolve its services for seekers and providers.

 The commercial team is working on innovative products in the search for office spaces. The integration of all related product parts for commercial clients into the overall platform www.immoscout24.de also plays a major role.


User Researcher


evaluating premium b2b services

I supported the commercial team for several months as a researcher in order to fuel innovative functionalities for business clients.

This included the re-design of filter parameters and map functionalities as well as the development of the Draw Search and Virtual Reality applications and interactive floor plans.

All described products and functionalities are already publicly available on https://www.immobilienscout24.de/gewerbe.html.



Selecting appropriate qualitative research methods


Mixed methods & Agile Development

My responsibility covered the selection and facilitation of suitable research methods to investigate new ideas. I was responsible for the writing of test scripts and the moderation of User Interviews and Usability Tests.

Depending on the team’s questions, mobile or desktop prototypes of new functions were tested with participants in the in-house lab, or via internet services (remote-moderated).

In some product stages, we also conducted RITE-studies (Rapid Iterative Testing) and studies with eye-tracking.

After each round of experimentation, I analysed the data and presented actionable design insights to the designers and product managers. Together, the results and recommendations were discussed, and prioritized. In the following sprint we adapted prototypes, integrated new ideas and re-tested.


Innovative B2B Services for Desktop and Mobile

  • Premium B2B Services

    Draw Search & New Filters

  • Premium B2B Services

    Virtual Property Visit